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Rapidly add process steps, new work items, new teams or new partner organization. Everything at the push of a button.


Everything is ready to go. No waiting time for build or development. If you can imagine it, Solyd is ready to fulfil your imaginations.


Your partners are in a variety of industries. Expand your reach by using secure and permissioned blockchains.

Supply Chain Integration

Solyd is the most advanced and straight forward integration suite for any variety of speectrrum of supply chain applications ranging from SAP SCM to Google sheets.

Cyber Security

Blockchain is a great tool for making api gateways permissioned and thus reducing direct access against brute force and making endpoints busy with unwanted calls for DDOS attacks.

Smart City Transactions

Similar to supply chain integrations for enterprise, smart cities need efficient multi-modal transit (public transit, para transit, micro transit, etc), multi-provider welfare programs, and public utilities.

Imagine — Build — Impact

Power Of Blockchain Workflow & Identity

Imagine New Possibilities

Have you imagined micro transactions like bidding, micro decision, communication or end user individual personal events based activities. Get the power of going micro-specific to deliver highly personalized experience

Build Great Solutions

With the power of blockchain workflow, information and decision making becomes rule-based. Achieve micro event accessibility with infinitely many numbers of business rules and extensions. Both internally and externally.

Impact The Ecosystem

An efficient business is valuable not just for stakeholders or customers, but also for the whole of society. Efficient information channeling sustainably saves time and resources. Sustainable businesses are wholesome impactful.

Drive Experience Across Your Delivery Channels


If you are CXO of 10,000 (ten thousand) people company, you would have 200 to 500 IT systems.
If you are CXO of 100,000 (hundred thousand) people company, you would have 2000 to 10,000 IT systems.
The rest of you can extrapolate depending on your size for IT bills. We know this because our team has serviced hundreds of clients.
Your IT is built this way and you believe that it is the only way or best way. We at SOLYD are breaking that. There is a better way to build a unified IT. You might have a CRM system for onboarding and lifecycle of theirs. Second common system is for enterprise resources or assets and inventory. Depending on size and duration, there can be many half switched-on ERPs and asset management systems. Then operations management system, risk management systems, inventory systems, and the suite follows based on how long have you been in business, acquisitions and growth history.
That is changing with Solyd. Building a unified system.

We are not a multi-purpose swiss knife software. We connect disparate system in a completely integrated one single unified system.
Having a thousand systems is not the problem. The real problem is them not integrated or their integration not scalable or flexible with changing needs. That is the point when these numbers of IT systems start bothering for the next budget or commissioning.
The Solution – If a successful business person has to build everything from scratch, they would build every process around delivering experience and account for the earned money.

Solyd gives you that power to build the value delivery for your business so that all your systems work cohesively for consumers bringing direct value visibility.

Global Interoperability Network

Leverage the best of each blockchain type to achieve your goals more efficiently & effectively

SOLYD Connects them all!

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Features of The Platform

What You Get

Private Mode Blockchain

Privacy & Security

All Currencies


Geolocation Abstraction

Unlimited Nodes

API/Hooks, Custom Plugin

Public Marketplace

And a lot more


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Licensing & Control Application

Insurance Broker Agency App

Realty Asset Management App

Social Grant Management App

Licensing & Control Application

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Insurance Broker Agency App

Download Implementation Guide

Realty Asset Management App

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Social Grant Management App

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About Cyberium Coin

Cyberium is a third party crypto operating partner selected by SOLYD for identity functions.

  • The current version is on the Geth framework.
  • Low Gas price blockchain to support microtransactions.
  • Future build shall support batch processing of 10 Million Transactions through delegated IPFS

Identify Workflow In Your Business with Vision

SOLYD Vision

Explore your business with unprecedented reach

We make your operations excellence go superfast on steroids. Achieve state-of-the-art automated process mining that discovers not only complicated processes and workflows but also their intricate details. Leverage computer vision and AI capabilities with SOLYD Vision.

Process mining combined with continuous improvement can be a new and innovative way for the future of organizations and related future of the workforce. Get started in just 3 easy steps and scale great heights.


Try PikMe to make smart city transit networks

PikMe is an open transit ecosystem for multiple transit modes to work cohesively together for the best end-user experience as well as a timely and accurate delegation for drivers and dispatchers.

Added with Solyd, PikMe becomes even more powerful
• Add city transit assets to the demand and supply pool for more commute options
• Get integrated with micro-ride services like e-bikes and scooters.
• Manage just-in-time bidding by providers for partial transit gaps.
• Truly diverse First-Mile-Last-Mile transit system for every city and customizable for every user segment.

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We are passionate about integrating and connecting the world.

SOLYD powers large scale city infrastructure to improve utilization of wide array infrastructure data, streams and activities using decentralized and artificial intelligence technologies.

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We are passionate about integrating and connecting the world.

SOLYD powers large scale city infrastructure to improve utilization of wide array infrastructure data, streams and activities using decentralized and artificial intelligence technologies.