Integration Management Platform

Integration management provides a complete view of workflows of value creation, processes and partners in context, when and where you need it

Get a complete view of your integrated extended organization

From customer driven production and services to partner led contracts to  market led supply events, your organization has a wide variety of business-critical processes that’s required to support key value creation, drive operations, and serve customers. When your enterprise systems are partially connected or not connected at all, the value creation suffers delays due to manual work, rework and wasteful activities. To harness the true value of your key enterprise IT, you need to connect it effectively as well as keep the integrations agile and fluid for continuous improvements with an integration management platform.

With SOLYD’s integration management capabilities, you organize, manage, and optimize critical extended organization workflows originating across your extended organization, providing your organization with a complete view of the workflow information they need when they need it.

Leverage an integration management platform to:

  • Work digitally with your business partners, regardless of their IT capabilities.
  • Empower your organization to easily integrate with needed information from other systems for automation and quality checks.
  • Effectively handle multi-agency partnerships for value adds and value creation to ensure users access the most current case status.
  • Enable sharing and collaboration for supporting effective collaboration and streamlining integrated services and workflows.
  • Provide a complete audit history of actions taken on cases for compliance.
  • Rapidly allocate the right cases to the right employees or teams for required processing — easily tracking and providing case acknowledgements.

Automated integrated workflows simplify access to right information and status, enabling your users to quickly and easily serve the end users which they need to complete tasks, make decisions, and provide excellent customer service.

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