Communications Management

Leverage communication channels across your value chain for building the customer experience

Leverage new communication capabilities for partners and customers

As technology evolves, so do the expectations of customers. They want to consume information the way that makes sense to them, whether that’s through email, webchat, text, or social media.

And tailoring the right communications is key to building trust and reliability across your stakeholders and customers. It often involves manually assembling content from existing documents, variable data, and information stored in other systems.

With communications management solution, organizations overcome the inherent obstacles of manually assembling and outputting frequently created documents.

By integrating with enterprise applications and office productivity software, the solutions reduce the time and effort it takes to create individually personalized content and reduce the delay between event and action of communication. With the ability to handle a wide range of communication needs from large-volume batches, to more interactive custom content and personalized on-demand requests, CCM solutions bring versatility and efficiency to your customer interactions.

But automating the assembly and output of customized documentation isn’t about efficiency for its own sake — it’s about the real-world benefits it brings to your organization.

Communications management benefits:

  • Improves customer and partner satisfaction
  • Lowers costs
  • Allows better allocation of staff resources
  • Ensures more accurate and visually consistent communications
  • Supports compliance for corporate standards and relevant regulations

Streamline customer communications management with integration management

Continue to elevate your communications lifecycle by integrating your value chain with  SOLYD’s integration platform and communication channels. By connecting both systems, you have full control over your communications — from input to distribution and archival.

Choose the best available systems to avoid a single vendor lockin

By partnering with SOLYD, you’ll realize the benefits of working with the best of all the world’s applications without compromising freedom for all of your strategic needs. Choose the best software for each of your business needs. SOLYD will keep them integrated. You will have all applications connected properly into one dynamic and continously improving integration. Tap into a range of integration services capabilities — including ingestion & egestion, integration management, and workflow automation — to create personalized, seamless solutions tailored to your business requirements.

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