Empower your partners, emplyees, users with secure collaboration and value sharing through a decentralized collaboration platform

Enable collaboration across your value chain and beyond as future extensions of innovation

Your partners, employees, innovation partners, leaders and users need to collaborate, and your success depends on that. Without such a solution, collaboration is slow and risky. For sharing of data they will find a way to do just that — whether it’s company-approved or not. If their solution includes personal sharing products, email, or USB drives, you will likely be left with a costly chaos of tools and methods across your business. As they share content internally, using tools that aren’t owned by the business, activity around content and specific shares cannot be tracked. The same goes for data that needs to be shared with those outside the organization, like customers or vendors.

You need a collaboration platform that becomes your corporate standard — simple for you to manage, providing you with control and created with the enterprise in mind. And just as importantly, you need a tool that fits the needs and expectations of each user and integrates into your broader integration solution strategy.

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