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The way your partners, users and customers interact with information and consume services is faster-paced and more complex than ever before.

SOLYD’s integration services capabilities empower organizations to build unlimited tailored solutions while also providing the ability to complement other core applications through robust integration options.

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Capabilities & features

Core capabilities of the SOLYD platform

Ingestion & Egestion

The sooner you get your application and information systems  ingested into business value creation with few clicks to ingest or egest API, Hooks & Blockchain, the more productive your employees and overall processes will be.

Integration management

Organize, manage, and optimize information flow across connected IT environments, including external IT environments of your partners, empowering your business to create new experiences.

Workflow automation

Automate tasks through system integrations by enabling reuse of available information and reduced re-filling of forms, route information across the value chain based on logic gates, trigger new workflows and value creation.

Multi-agency case management

Organize, manage, and optimize content, current standings and decisions acorss multiple agencies, empowering your staff to work on the latest information with reduced run around and higher efficiency.

Communicate Across Value Chain

Create communication modules based on events and status of a case or workflow across your value chain and not just within your organization. Customize content in a variety of ways to all the people you serve.


Build partnership channels using APIs and blockchain contracts for secured content, information and data sharing based on roles and responsibilities for a variety of specific deals, terms and modalities. Define everything in frontend.

reporting and analytics

Gain visibility into your workflows, both internal organization and extended organization  with real-time reporting and analytics, including interactive dashboards and audit trails of all integrated the value chain activities.

Search for Single Source of Truth

Enterprise-grade search for current status of cases for latest and single source of truth for full audit trail helps your end users have trust and reliability over your services. Your organisation works efficiently while also reducing information security risk.

Partnership & Access management

Build value chain based partnership for both upward and downward supply chains using secure and native blockchains. Develop the rules of engagement coded in workflows using frontend drag and drop diagrams.

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